Angela Reviews: Chase the River – Listen to Your Inner Duck

Angela reviews Chase the River – Listen to Your Inner Duck

Chase the River Album Review

Belfast folk duo Chase the River, Stuart Lunn & Lizzie Little, formed in late 2014 and already had an EP to their name by mid 2015. This year they release their debut album ‘Listen to your inner Duck’, an album of 9 songs, and rather than follow in the vein of many of their contemporaries with tentative lyrics, their message remains unclouded.

This album echoes the message Jennifer Rush was considering in 1984 namely ‘The power of love’, and with the uncomplicated musical accompaniment this means that the lyrics firmly play centre stage.

The album comprises of tunes about relationships and none more evident than ‘You Save Me’, a charming melody with a complimenting tight harmony. ‘Falling’ is about unrequited love and the fragility of the heart and is one of the stronger tracks on the album as is ‘A Little Fire’ dealing with the idea of beginning a life with someone and working out destiny’s path.

Other tracks offer love stories with a modern twist such as 4AM, recognising the uncertainty of relationships and the need to connect, whatever time of the day! This stand out track has a dream-like quality thanks to the whispery vocal of Lizzie, perfectly setting the scene of an late night/early morning call.

If you like your folk albums to have tones of americana, thoughtful and sensitive lyrics, then it’s time to ‘Listen to Your Inner Duck!’

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