Aontacht Reviews: Sea Sessions music festival

Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival Review

sea sessions review

Blue skies, sunshine, rain-clouds, and the refreshing kiss of a cool westerly breeze. All of this, combined with the crashing chorus of wild Atlantic waves provided a dramatic backdrop for the festivities that lay within the fun filled arena that is Sea Sessions.

Inside, a kind of Wonderland ensues. A microcosm of the grander scheme. Where differing worlds of music harmoniously intertwine their orbits to create a vacuum of oneness and love.

Positive vibrations and smiles are wide and plentiful with five tents providing music for everyone, including the Heineken Football, Comedy and Dance Tent, The Desperados Beach Party, and serving a delicious helping of crisp uplifting highs atop cool, deep-bassing grooves from the most chilled Ice-Cream Van on Earth – Mr. Whippy Sound System.

Spirits are high as the line-up promises an eclectic onslaught of talent with the likes of DJ Hype & MC Daddy Earl, Ham Sandwich, Moreland & Arbuckle, King Kong Company, The Clandestinos, Ash, Exmagician, Bad Manners, Karma Parking, and of course Tinie Tempah.

If I were to name all of the great quality performances I saw, you would literally be reading the line-up again.

Karl Spain provided laughs abound. He mightn’t want you to know it but he’s actually a true gent. Sorry Karl!

And for those who are looking for an extra shot of adrenaline, you will find your fix at The Converse BMX & Skate Jam. And my goodness, can those boys drop jaws (pictures below!).

At the latter end of the nights, after building up an appetite between working and dancing, my tastebuds and gut were both treated to tantalising delicacies from every corner of the globe.

Shout out to security and emergency services who were all friendly and on point at all times, and made sure everything ran smoothly.

A big thank you to Rachel for inviting me to cover the festival for Ceol Caint too. It was a fantastic experience and one I will welcome wholeheartedly again.

Peace, Blessings & Unity.

Seamus Murtagh | Aontacht Photography

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