Ceol Nua: Andrew Carroll – Dead Röse

Andrew Carroll releases debut EP Dead Röse

Dead Röse (Small)

Dead Röse is the debut EP from Andrew Carroll released this week. The five track EP sees Andrew step away from his usual collaborations with other artists and go out on his own; this time artists appearing on his EP.

The EP opens with the rocking “I’m Guna Love Her”, featuring Euan Murphy on vocal. This blends beautifully into the three and a half minute instrumental “Wild Eyes”, really showcasing Andrew’s capabilities as an extremely talented musician.

Next up is “Crazy Little Girl”, featuring Funzo. This is a more stripped back affair, much softer, with Andrew’s vocal’s at the fore and Funzo harmonizing. A self-confessed crooner, Andrew’s voice resonates eloquently throughout, the guitar solo at the end reminding us once more of his many capabilities.

“My American Dream”, is another melodic number, a classic love song with tender lyrics crafted to paint a picture of adoration.

Ending with a really uplifting number, “I Got The Good Lord” will have you bobbing your head and tapping your foot from the offset. It has a real Western feel, like it would fit perfectly in a cowboy movie. Again, Andrew’s vocal prowess takes center stage in this song.

Dead Röse is an amazing first effort, Andrew’s years of performing with a range of artists is evident; this guy is no amateur.  With such a variety of tracks, from rock to crooning love songs, it offers something for everyone. It would be really hard to dislike this EP, I for one love it.

Best of all, he’s giving it away for free…check it out below. Afterwards, check out A Cuppa with Andrew Carroll.

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