Ceol Nua: Shay D feat. Amy Jay – Love Has No Feelings

Brand new music from Shay D featuring Amy Jay

shay d love has no feeling

Love Has No Feelings is the newest track from Shay D, with Amy Jay on vocals. Due to be released on October 23, this soulful melody is really breathtaking, Amy’s gorgeous voice echoing throughout the track.

Completely different to his solo-debut “One Life to Live“, which was a rap number, this song showcases Shay’s master ability at crafting amazing music. His versatility is quite incredible as he can pen music to gratify all tastes, a skill which not to many can boast.

A song which Shay says didn’t really come from anywhere, just from some inner consciousness, Love Has No Feelings instills that sense of hopeful sadness one feels when they can relate to another’s hurt.

The finely crafted lyrics resonate the sentiment of bitterness towards love once you have been scorned too many times. It is heartfelt and sincere, with the kind of vulnerability one can only display when they have suffered a broken heart.

Amazing effort from Shay D. one which I highly recommend.

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