Ceol Nua: Stephanie Rainey – Please Don’t Go

Powerful video for new song Please Don’t go by Stephanie Rainy

new video please dont go

In what has to be one of the most emotive, personal and powerful music videos produced in the last while, Stephanie Rainy has released Please Don’t Go.

The video portrays the pain of loss, separation and grief, capturing that feeling of hopelessness when you lose a loved one.

The song itself resonates the deep anguish that never really goes away. Her voice rings the haunting truth of realising someone you love has left forever. It is a stunning tribute to anyone who has suffered a painful loss.

It tells the story of those which otherwise may have never been told; a story which we are all familiar with.

Stephanie created this song and video in memory of the loss of her nephew some years ago, recalling that realisation that your life has been changed for ever.

This song was written as a way to reach out to others, connecting that pain and loss so that people know they are not alone in their grief.

Featuring appearances from people who have lost people close to them, it is powerful watching. Make sure you have the tissues ready.

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