Ceol Nua: Varient Sea – Wildwoods

Brand new music from Varient Sea

Variant Sea Wildwoods

Sometimes in life music transports you on a journey somewhere new. You’re not sure where it’s leading you but you do know it would be foolish not to follow. Variant Sea Wildwoods offers that simple momentary escape.

Having one of “those days”, I scrolled through emails and opened this one from Variant Sea. Being big fans of the duo, I just felt it was going to be the one thing that turned this day around. From the moment I pressed play I knew I was not wrong.

Closing the window to drown out the busy street, tea in hand as the beautiful silky sounds of Variant Sea filled up the room instantly creating a sea of calm.

Their visually inspired instrumental music manages to construct another world, one of mystic and wonder. It’s a complete wall of sound that perfectly merges, both piano and guitar dancing in soundscape that lends itself to you just for a little while as you escape in its elegance.

This is the first single off the second EP from the duo who received critical acclaim for their first effort ‘Season of Mists‘.

Listen to Variant Sea Wildwoods, allowing yourself those five minutes to drift elsewhere.

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