Ceol Nua: Video for Declan Greene – Stay

New video for Declan Greene‘s song – Stay

Declan Greene Stay Video

“Stay” is the new video from Declan Greene which was released last week and is already receiving extensive play.

The video depicts what it’s like to be head over heels in love, completely consumed by eachother, and the harsh reality of when it all falls apart.

Shot around iconic sites in Dublin, it follows two young lovers, capturing the very essence of who they are.

It explores the idea of all-consuming love, and the cruel truth of how lonely life can be when it is taken away.

The song itself has that simplistic beauty, describing those tender moments that make love so magical; like making snow angels or staring intently at each other while talking. It’s those small things that count in love, rather than the grand gestures.

When those conversations turn sour and when it’s time to watch that person walk away it can rip your heart right out.

Declan sings beautifully “I’ll search for you through a trillion miles across a thousand lifetimes/ stay in this moment so I can keep you some way”. Sometimes we find it hard to let go of the things we love, even when they’re no longer good for us, mostly out of fear of letting go and of being alone.

However sometimes, holding on to nice memories rather than a harsh existence, is better than trying to “stay”.

Beautiful song and video by Declan Greene. Watch it below.

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