Ceol Review: A Happy Accident – Waiting to Happen

A Happy Accident’s Debut EP “Waiting to Happen”

A Happy Accident

“A Happy Accident” is the project of Dublin musician Christopher Kestell. He released his debut EP “Waiting to Happen” on January 01; a brilliant way to kick off the New Year.

The inspiration behind the EP was the idea that we are all just sitting around waiting for something to happen, but yet never feeling like we have achieved anything.

From the opening notes of “Blood Red Moon”, you just know you are about to hear something special; it already has an air of sentimentality surrounding it.

When he sings “I really hope my water doesn’t break”, one must wonder if this is what the “happy accident” was. Although, we found out in a recent interview that The Happy Accident is in reference to Christopher’s own birth.

His voice is exquisite; really sweet and pure, offering easy listening.

The EP has all the charm and romance needed to melt your heart; like your favourite romantic movie where you fall in love with the main character, you can never get enough of it.

It’s hard to believe this is the debut EP from A Happy Accident, as it’s finely tuned and has a maturity beyond a first attempt.

There is honest emotion which he takes right out of real life experiences, and a fearless transparency to vocalise how he really feels.

Emotion laid bare like this is sobering, as he lays it all out on the table in a vulnerable but admirable way.

The four track EP is a fantastic first attempt, and I very much look forward to future efforts.

Listen to A Happy Accident – Waiting to Happen below:

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