Ceol Review: Brave Giant – The Lordy Lordy EP

Brand new EP from Brave Giant – ‘The Lordy Lordy EP’

Brave Giant Lordy Lordy

EP’s like Brave Giant’s The Lordy Lordy EP always remind me just how good Irish music is. Not only that, but how sometimes it can be hidden away in the depths of rural Ireland just waiting to be unleashed onto the world; you never know when it’s going to pop up.

Brave Giant have gained notoriety very quickly, namely since their cover ‘Is this Digital Love’ went viral on Valentines Day, also going on to win Le Crunch Apple of my Eye contest.

Realistically, Brave Giant have exploded in the space of two months, and now that they’ve released their debut EP; it easy to see why.

Not only are they clever enough to go viral simply by recording videos in their car, but they have the talent to go along with it.

Brave Giant are the new kids on the scene, who are guaranteed to take over pretty quickly. Their sound is fresh, loud and exciting.

The band remain loyal to that country folk twang of the midlands, yet add a refreshing indie sound.

Their music offers easy listening which is likely to receive a lot of radio play, each song equally passable as a successful single.

The first single is the EP namesake, Lordy Lordy. The video for Lordy Lordy is highly creative, and while they’ve made a video for it in the past cycling through the back roads of North Longford, the official video adds another element to the band.

It’s a mix of the band playing in the solace of the countryside and the beach, with brilliant animation added in; simple but extremely compelling and memorable.

What stands out about Brave Giant is their sheer professionalism, from their logo to their art work and the brilliance of their video, every avenue is covered and the smallest details really work.

Again, the simplicity of what they produce is very effective and clever; as doing a variety of song mashups may seem impromptu, it takes serious talent to make it work. What’s more, their originals distinguish them as ones to watch in the very near future.

It’s only early days for Brave Giant, but it’s certainly very promising and exciting to see a local band to Ceol Caint (Longford folk!) firing ahead to being one of the countries biggest new acts.

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