Ceol Review: Hvmmingbyrd – Know My Name EP

Review of Know my Name EP from Hvmmingbyrd

Know my Name is the first EP from the newly formed Hvmmingbyrd line-up. With alt-pop melodies that transcend the boundaries of quintessential cutting-teeth releases, Deborah and Suzette quickly found their feet with this confident sound.

A powerful effort, Hvmmingbyrd have made a declaration with Know my Name. They certainly have arrived and we’re already looking forward to more. In the build up to the release we already got an insight into what was to come; and it was pretty special. Unleashing Out of my Head and If Love was Enough into the ether, it was a first glance into the dynamic pairing of this talented duo. Having also released some pretty amazing cover mash-ups, the sheer beauty of what Dolores and Suzette create was evident from the offset.

The five track EP is breathtaking and pretty astounding that it’s the inaugural effort. Straying from the folk roots, this electronic, somewhat early 90’s sound is a bold move forward. Combining qualities we loved about the old Hvmmingbyrd, with a fresh attitude and funky feel, Know my Name is an eclectic offering.

With its sarcastic undertones, uplifting melodies and ear catching lyrics that won’t leave your brain too easily; it’s a rewarding listen. Each track gives something new, a varied and sensual flow which is mesmerising and gratifying. It’s difficult to single out one track as the stand out, all of them a holding their own rightful place.

With hints of inspiration from ‘Ray of Light’ and ‘Teardrop’ which they released as a cover, the EP is uncomplicated and bewitching. It’s clear the direction in which Hvmmingbyrd are going and the journey thus far as certainly been an interesting and  educating experience. Considering the positive reaction they’re receiving, it definitely wasn’t a bad move either.

Hvmmingbyrd ‘Know my Name’ is available to buy now.

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