Getting to know: Tebi Rex

Getting to know Maynooth alternative/hip-hop due Tebi Rex


Tebi Rex are a Maynooth based musical duo who met by chance in a university song contest.

The unlikely pairing offer two different styles of music which they fused to form a unique style of alternative hip-hop; calling themselves the perfect poster children for Oreo.

Wanting to get to know this duo a little better, we put a few questions their way. Inspired by chicken wings and a love for unplugged acoustic nights, there’s a lot more to these two than meets the eye.

Join us in getting to know Tebi Rex:

How did you meet?
In college at a inter-soc song contest, Matt came first, Max came second. There was no bad blood, we then joined forces to become a beautiful, interracial duo; so good that oreo want us to be their poster-children.

How did you discover you worked well as a duo?
We just met up and jammed out. It worked. We clicked, I mean it Really REALLY shouldn’t have but it just made sense.

How long have you been writing/performing music both individually and as a duo?
Individually Max Zanga has been making music as a solo rapper for a while, I myself used to write some cheesy pop stuff that never really left my bedroom walls. As a duo we started writing over the summer a little bit, then recorded our first track in August. It’s all spiralled since then. Music is always on our minds now, Tebi Rex has become the background music is our heads.

What inspires you?
Chicken wings, I mean obviously really like musicians like Chance the Rapper or films like Moonrise Kingdom but at our very core what really inspires us are chicken wings.

How many singles?/ EPs / albums have you released to date? Or have you anything planned for release?
We have released three songs on our YouTube page “Killa Ducks” and five on Soundcloud, an EP is currently in the pipeline.

How often do you play gigs?
Bi- weekly-ish? We like to do as many gigs as possible to be honest, big or small we just love playing for people. or for each other, we’re cute like that.

What are your favourite gigs to play and why?
Weirdly enough we really enjoy intimate acoustic unplugged sets with like 15 people present because you really get a feel for the crowd. Its.such an organic way to perform.

Where can people catch you next?
We plan on being everywhere online first, then hopefully you can catch us at a few festivals in the summer. We can also be found in the bushes outside Louis Walsh’s house, taunting him.

Anything else you would like to add? Plus any FB/YouTube/Soundcloud/Twitter 
Here’s all of our details and locations, add us, follow us, call us, we’re always here for a chat xxo

Find Tebi Rex on Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Check out their tunes “It’s 2am” below:

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