Help Leanne re-build her home! Buy Happy Face by Leanne Cooney ft Funzo

New music from Leanne Cooney and Funzo: Happy Face

Leanne Cooney and Funzo Happy Face

Sunday August 23 was a very dark day for Leanne Cooney and Liam McDermott as Leanne’s apartment, where she lived with her daughter Carly, burned down.

While nobody was hurt, and they all realise the devastation that could have unfolded had they been inside, their livelihood has been destroyed and they have been left with nothing.

Leanne and Carly now face building their lives up from scratch, with Liam by their side. It is hard to possibly imagine what it is like to lose your home like that, to be left with nothing but the clothes on your back.

The outpouring of support for the family has been tremendous, with people donating clothes for Carly who is due to go back to school soon.

None of the items in the house were insured, and not only have they lost clothes and toys but also over €4000 worth of recording equipment which Leanne and Funzo had been recording tracks with.

What is most terrifying is not knowing what lies ahead. They are now homeless, living in a hotel payed for by the apartment building management. It could be months before the apartment is re-livable and there is a massive scarcity of affordable housing in Dublin.

Not wanting to be a burden or accept hand-outs, Leanne has realeased a new track, featuring Funzo, called Happy Face, which is available for €1 or a donation.

Her strength and courage has to be admired, and all of us at Ceol Caint wish them all of the best for the future.

Please buy the track for what you can afford on Bandcamp.

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