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Lofty reviews the latest offering from King Kong Company

Waterford lads King Kong Company have over the past two to three decades garnered a justified reputation as one of the best live acts in the country with their hugely energetic and madcap shows. With the release of their debut album the challenge was always going to be could they translate the quality of their live sets on to record.

Thankfully the answer is a resounding YES !

What King Kong Company have produced is the liveliest long player and certainly one of the best albums released in this country this year. The album has a real freshness about it whilst recalling the glory days when the likes of Underworld, Chemical Brothers & Leftfield held sway.

There are many highlights on the album – from the onset your senses are assaulted by “All Those Things” supposedly an instrumental but there is a subtle line urging you to get up as if the pounding rhythms weren’t enough to make you do just that, “Free the Marijuana” is a reggae rave made in Heaven with a dash of The Specials thrown in for good measure and “Donkey Jaw” is deliciously overpowering once it kicks in after it’s hilarious spoken word intro (not quite “Choose Life” but up there).

Both singles “Scarity Dan” and “Spacehopper” sit perfectly on the album, the former maintains the incessant pace established by the opening two tracks, whilst the latter brings the album to a perfect cacophonous close.

King Kong Company’s self titled album is a real triumph for a band who have done the hard yards, with all the elements present that have made them such a compelling live act along with just enough production to ensure that energy jumps out of your stereo.

To paraphrase themselves, King Kong Company are not foolin’ anyone, they are the real deal.

King Kong Company’s self-titled album is now available to buy online here.

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