Lofty Reviews: Little Green Cars – Ephemera

Lofty Reviews the new album from Little Green Cars- Ephemera


Little Green Cars seem like they have been around an age whilst still sounding like fresh kids on the block. It’s been about 4 years since their first tentative demos appeared online and even in their formative years they were already showing the talent that has seen a stellar rise for the band.

“Absolute Zero” solidified that early promise with a string of catchy singles showcasing their musical talents with their fantastic harmonies launching them on what seemed like an endless tour of the globe as word spread of Little Green Cars far and wide.

And so to the sophomore album, the ditch on which many a band have fallen but no fear for the faithful fans of Little Green Cars who deliver an album that builds on their debut effort whilst displaying a knowing maturity.

“Ephemera” is certainly no “Absolute Zero Part Two” as bar “Clare de Lune” and “The Party” there are no obvious ear-worm singles but that’s not necessarily a bad thing “Ephemera” is an album that almost forces you to be listened to in it’s entirety (something that’s more and more a challenge in this day of digital downloads).

The harmonies are still there in all their glory however its interesting to see that Faye takes the share of the vocal heavy lifting as she leads on the majority of tracks after the opening one-two of “The Song They Play Every Night” and “You vs Me” which sees Stevie on leading man duty.

If there is a theme running through the album its one of regret and longing which is alluded to in the album’s title; but that’s not to say the album is a downer, far from it as the ever developing musical talent of a band high on confidence shines through and holds you spellbound despite the emotive nature of the album.

Notable highlights for me are “Easier Day”, the aforementioned “Clare de Lune” and “Good Women Do” which might be the most un-Little Green Cars track to date.

On “Ephemera” Little Green Cars make the myth of the difficult second album seem irrelevant and its a record that will see them travelling to far off places for sometime to come.

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