Lofty Reviews: Otherkin – The New Vice EP

Lofty reviews The New Vice EP from Otherkin

Otherkin ep review
Otherkin are a band who just explode with energy and the The New Vice EP builds on the promise that they displayed on their previous effort The 201 EP.

“I Was Born” the lead single showcases the quintessential Otherkin sound, pace, power and an infectious sing along chorus that grabs you immediately.

Next up is “Yeah I Know” which builds ominously but is immensely satisfying and is bound to be a crowd favourite at their many festival appearances this summer.

Third track on the EP is “Howling” which maintains the energy we come to expect but suffers slightly from being a little too similar to “AY AY” the track that announced Otherkin to the world.

The EP closes with “White Heat” the type of song that Oasis would have produced in their early years if they used a few more chords and hadn’t disappeared into a haze of narcotics and ego. Lead singer David Anthony’s vocal delivery is sharp without ever being snarling and is backed by the band at their searing best.

The strength of The New Vice EP is that all four tracks could easily be singles, illustrating Otherkin’s uncanny ability to produce catchy riffs and choruses.

Otherkin have mastered the trick of capturing their live show energy on their two EPs to date and their future is bright if they can maintain the high standards they have set in their short career so far.

The New Vice EP is available on Bandcamp.

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