Lofty Reviews: Train Room Delicate Bones EP

The new EP from Train Room Delicate Bones is out, and Lofty lets us know what he thinks

Train Room Delicate Bones

Lofty ReviewsTrain Room Delicate Bones:

‘Delicate Bones’ the debut EP from Mayo band Train Room is full of variety, beautiful musicianship and sublime vocals.

The title track and opening number recalls the most harmonious elements of Fleet Foxes but is a more robust affair with which front man Joe Monaghan takes you on a journey of wanderlust and romantic discovery. The track is punctuated with a exquisite bridge of reverb piano before bursting into a superb climax with added delicate guitar lines, delightful percussion and layered vocals.

‘Grace’ is the sort of track that you could easily imagine being performed to a stadium full of lighters (or is it mobile phone screens these days?). It packs a punch from the off despite the simple arrangement of piano, vocals and strings, and when the drums & guitar kick in they never overwhelm the arrangement. If it’s lacking anything, it might be that it never quite delivers the urgent finale that the build up promises and deserves – I’d really love to hear it live though.

The third song ‘Horizons’ sees Catherine Maguire more front and centre on co-vocal, it’s not a duet in the strictest sense but more of an old time call and response number. Again it’s a track that segues into a more complex conclusion, and its certainly reveals added depths and textures on repeated listens.

On ‘Talons’ Monaghan delivers a bitter sweet paean about the aftermath of a relationship which is more wishful rather than maudlin. As with the previous tracks the musicianship here is faultless and the underlying harmony from Maguire adds the final polish to a gorgeous EP closer.

Overall ‘Delicate Bones’ is a quality debut and as long as Train Room maintain their musical ambition I’ll look forward to their next release with interest.

Train Room Delicate Bones is available now via iTunes.

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