Monster music auction a roaring success

The Man in Hat’s Monster Music Auction in Whelan’s

Peter Meade Man in Hat Gig
Image courtesy of Peter Nagle (Nagle Snaps)

A unique gig in an intimate setting; the monster music auction was never going to be your run of the mill showcase. Not only did it feature a massive line up, but the event had such a big heart it was hard not to get caught up of the excitement of what it was all about.

During this one-night-only gig, a variety of fantastic musicians played to raise money for homeless people. However, the piece de resistance was the monster music auction; a collection of signed CD’s and memorabilia never before of its kind seen.

The bill included a powerful opening performance from Barry Jay Hughes, followed by the melodic tones of Carol Keogh, the as always great Gavin Glass, a tremendous set from Cry Monster Cry and finally, the handsome and overwhelmingly talented Hudson Taylor.

Each musician played to the packed-out Whelan’s, with emotions running high over the meaning behind the night. When it came to the auction itself, the room was still and almost breathless as the bids came in. With some lots reaching over €1000, the atmosphere was electric, everyone delighted with the result.

Gigs come and go in Dublin, however this one had something that extra bit special. Not only was it about raising money for homeless people, but more importantly about raising awareness of the crucial living situation some families are faced with. Children should never be forced to live on the streets, or in cars, but unfortunately that’s what is happening.

The total figure raised from this event was €2280, a brilliant effort but only a dint in what is needed for this crisis. The event should be applauded as it has created a stepping stone for future events of its kind and hopefully made people aware that there is a problem. It is happening on our own city streets, and we are the ones who can be pro-active in creating change.

To the man in hat, I lift my hat and wish you well with future endeavors for the homeless.

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