My top five Thin Lizzy songs (Videos)

To celebrate Phil Lynott’s 31st anniversary, here’s my top five Thin Lizzy songs. Please let us know your favourites!

top five thin lizzy songs

Today marks 31 years since legendary Dublin rocker Phil Lynott passed away (January 4 1986). A hallmark figure in the Irish music hall of fame and indeed worldwide, he left a lasting legacy of sweet music which we are forever grateful for. Everyone has their own favourite songs penned by Phil Lynott and we would love if you left a comment to let us know yours…Here’s my top five Thin Lizzy songs:

  1. Sarah 

This one is very very personal to me and thus gets my number one slot. Phil wrote it about his daughter Sarah alongside Gary Moore. It was released in 1979 on their album Black Rose: A Rock Legend. While it was never officially performed by Thin Lizzy, it makes my top spot as my friend who passed away was named Sarah and this song was played repeatedly at her wake. It still makes me smile every time I hear it because “When you begin to smile you change my style, My Sarah”

2. Dancing in The Moonlight 

TMI alert: the lyrics of this song made up my plenty of fish profile for many years. Too lazy to write anything about myself out, I figured the right guy would come along and think I was cool for having it there (he did). While the 1977 hit may not have been originally penned for 2016 date searching, it does have connotations of dating, falling in love and altogether having a good time. Plus it’s a brilliant song.

3. Still in Love With You

I’m not creating a theme of a love struck music lover here I promise. When the Phil Lynott exhibition was open in St Stephen’s Green shopping centre I had the pleasure of a summer spent working there. There was a cinema room playing Thin Lizzy videos and when this song came on it blew me away. The intensity of the performance and beauty of the lyrics was breathtaking, even more so when I learned that particular show his “mudder” was in the audience and he dedicated the song to her. Dream.

4. Whiskey in the Jar

It’s hard to mention any Thin Lizzy list without this song. A particular favourite from my young rocker days. A very proud moment was when I lived in Germany and at the Christmas market in Dortmund the rock band played this song. A little piece of home at a time I felt very far away.

5. The Boys are Back in Town

Because 40 years after its release, this song will still get everyone on the dance floor. The rock anthem of a nation!

The annual Vibe for Philo is on this weekend in The Workmans Club, Dublin with Monroe’s in Galway also celebrating with a live tribute concert. How will you celebrate the life of The Rocker?

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