Rachel’s Top Tracks of 2017

Following another fab year in music, Rachel picks her top tracks of 2017


2017 was another strong year in Irish music and while we’re already looking forward to 2018, in this show on 8radio.com, Rachel looked back at her top tracks of 2017.
Emma Langford – Closed Book
Marlene Enright – 123
Aine Cahill – Plastic
Sean Rooney – Everest High
Stevie Cliff – Maybe
WOLFF – Freak Like Me
Hvmmingbyrd – Legacy
Dublin City Rounders – She Gave Me An Archon
The Crayon Set – I Can’t Say No
Mongoose – Counting Song
Otherkin – Bad Advice
Talos – This Is Us Colliding
Wyvern Lingo – I Love You Sadie
Session Motts – Chip Shop Fights
Rews – Shine
Brave Giant – The Time I Met The Devil
Jiggy – Silent Place

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