Top Christmas songs by Irish artists

Irish Christmas songs

Irish Christmas Songs

Christmas is traditionally a time for cheesy songs, timeless classics and those few gems we claim to hate but secretly sing to ourselves in the shower. We can all admit that we really do love Christmas songs.

As the sleigh-bells ring, ting and jingle, it is time to reflect on our musical tastes and who we are as people. We decided to do you all a favour and compile a list of alternative Christmas greats, as penned by Irish artists. What we found was quite the compilation of possible Christmas classics that deserve as much recognition as Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Funzo- This Christmas 
In 2011, Funzo released “This Christmas” for The New Christmas Classic Competition run by Christmas FM. It’s no surprise that it won. Encompassing Funzo’s trademark fun style and clever lyrics, this Christmas tune is one I would love to hear on repeat in retail outlets nationwide.

Mark Geary and Glen Hansard- Christmas Biscuits 

Back in 2013, two of Ireland’s greatest musicians collaborated in a charity release for St. Vincent de Paul with “Christmas Biscuits”. The song was launched to try help those in need at this difficult time of year. The video showcases Dublin City at night time as homeless people roam the lonely streets. It is a haunting tribute to the reality faced by so many.

Nearly Christmas Kids (written by Sinead McNally)- Nearly Christmas

Written by Sinead McNally in 2006, Nearly Christmas has gained a lot of attention throughout the years, being picked up by Christmas FM and by schools nationwide performing it in their Christmas concerts.

It is a really fun Christmas song for kids, performed by kids, really bringing the fun spirit of Christmas to life. For more information on the song visit

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra- All I Want 

Featuring a lonesome teddy drinking too much and in search for some company, because let’s face it isn’t that what most of our Christmases are about, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra bring “All I Want” to the Christmas song table.

Released back in 2010, the song is a reflection on just how lonesome Christmas can be for bears and humans alike. Then all of a sudden one day we find ourselves in bed with a stuffed dog, life can be a cruel mistress.

Monster Monster- Christmas in Liverpool 

In what is Liverpool’s favourite Christmas song, Christmas in Liverpool was Monster Monster’s 2014 offering to the Christmas song pool. Due to an accumulation of a love for Christmas, a love for Liverpool and a love for erm….football…. this Monster Christmas classic was penned.

The Dublin City Rounders- Rudolph The Rockabilly Reindeer

Just in time for this Christmas, The Dublin City Rounders have mixed their Rockabilly tones with Rudolph’s shiny red nose to bring the swing into a Christmas song. Rudolph The Rockabilly Reindeer talks about the famous reindeer flying through the sky, telling Santa to hurry things up a bit. This jiving reindeer doesn’t stand for any BS. Definitely one to rock your socks off to this Christmas.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

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