100 Healthy Days Day Three: Temptation Wins Every Time

My gosh, if I don’t start taking this seriously I may as well give up before it begins. CHOCOLATE, AGAIN today. I bought a bar of dark chocolate today with the intention of breaking it up to make clean eating banana cookies. However, after lunch one of the girls asked if I had any chocolate so I ended up sharing it out and ate a lot of it myself. I need to get serious.

Today was International Sweatpants Day, so we all wore a tracksuit to work, which was nice. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we did yoga in work which was fun.

Other than that I have had no exercise today, however I might go in awhile. I came home to blog and food prep as I have been getting back from the gym so late on other days.

Food today, other than chocolate, was a banana pancake for breakfast and I added almond milk today which was nice. I also had a glass of coconut milk as I’m really finding it to be a good energy boost. I had a carrot for a snack, lunch was a bean and pepper salad wrapped in rice paper with a few potatoes and dinner was potatoes and a beet burger.

I ate far too many potatoes. In general, I actually think I’m eating too much. So I’m going to try and figure this out over the next few days and see how I get on. I also think I should start taking progress pictures, even though I hate them.

My photos are a disaster as my camera phone is poor, but I feel really stupid bringing my proper camera to work and snapping everything I eat, more so because I hate explaining to everyone what I’m doing. There mostly German so it would probably be really strange to them, “I want to lose weight so I’m photographing what I eat”, maybe I should stop caring.

100 Healthy Days Day Three Meals

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