A Podcast on Laughter Yoga

Follow this link to hear a podcast I made on Laughter Yoga, trust me, it is the funniest thing you will ever hear.

What is Laughter yoga?

Conceived in 1995 by Dr. M. Kataria of Mumbai, India, laughter yoga has existed as a form of exercise and active therapy. It has now grown from a public park session to a worldwide movement of peace, joy and freedom through laughter.

The science

Studies have shown that the brain cannot differentiate between what is created internally and what is created externally, or rather, what is real and what is imagined.

When we apply this knowledge to laughter, we find that it matters not whether we laugh from something external (joke/situation) or whether that laughter is self-initiated – we get the same benefits. The interesting thing to note is that only through a prolonged period of laughing, does the brain release “feel-good” chemicals called “Endorphins”.

The amount of time determined to receive the greatest benefit has been clocked at 15-20 minutes, with breaks in between. Coupled with some gentle physical and breathing exercises, the benefits are deep and profound, leaving one propelled to feeling a whole lot better by the end.

The philosophy

The aim of laughter yoga is spreading peace through the coming together of like-minded individuals who believe in pure and unconditional love and light-hearted laughter. This is why you will notice all laughter clubs exist without charge, with some accepting donation to cover insurance and setup costs.

The Fun

You will be guaranteed to share laughter and fun with other like-minded souls who are just there to let go and enjoy themselves in a silly, safe and supported environment. Laughter and games galore await you, so let your hair down, search out and support a local Laughter Club near you today. You won’t regret it.

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