Author – Rachel Masterson. Originally posted on Electric Picnic live blog Reposted with permission. Photo credit Christian Tierney

ABC is a new wave act who achieved prominence in the 80’s with their debut album reaching Number 1 in the charts. Throughout their career they saw continued success with their polished pop sound appealing to the masses.

Arriving on the Main Stage, they’re greeted by an enthusiastic crowd ready to get Electric Picnic off to a good start. Their music has survived the generations, aging like a fine wine. It resonates well with the audience who are more than receptive to the sound of the 80’s filling up the Picnic air. Greeted with a massive cheer as the sun beats down, it really is the perfect Picnic atmosphere mixed with excitement as we all begin to relax.

There are many clear fans of the band, singing along to every word. These guys really show us how things are done, looking slick in suits and shades playing music that speaks to every age. Mixing old favourites with new hits, it’s far from music your dad likes, but rather something we can all embrace and enjoy.

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