Áine’s Fashion: The importance of having a stylist

How a stylist such as Áine’s Fashion can help you reach your full potential

Áine's Fashion

Sometimes in life we get it right, and sometimes we get it so very very wrong. This can be anything from boyfriends, to restaurants but most frequently; fashion. For those times when it’s important to stand out and make an impact, Áine’s Fashion is where you need to start.

When it comes to style, what you like and what looks good can be two very different concepts. While festival chic all year round might be the ideal trend, it’s not the one which is going to bag that killer contract or attract the dream job (or dream man).

Presenting yourself in a way which reflects an ideal portrayal of yourself as a strong, beautiful woman, who really means business is a skill. You may have the qualities down, but others might not see it. After all, a frayed skirt and tights with holes doesn’t paint the picture of a woman who has it together.

What’s more, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see your real potential and bring it out in you. While you’re carrying yourself as the shy, self-conscious sort or the crazy outgoing type, you may be masking a real hidden pizaz just waiting to shine.

First impressions are everything, and clothes say everything about you so leave the professionals to do their job. Let them dress you the way you should be. Get a stylist.

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of being dressed by Áine Farrell the proprietor of Áine’s Boutique Longford. The initial absolute horror of what she was putting on me was very quickly outweighed by awe, as she immediately saw something in me I was never even aware of. Having spent the best part of three hours in her store getting ready for the Longford Rose Selection night, I was frustrated at best.13310508_620166464817971_911137691307362163_n

Áine came back from a meeting and immediately came to my aid; like a lifeguard rescuing a girl drowning in a sea of fabulous clothes. Within minutes she pulled outfits from left right and centre; pants, jackets and blouses. Throwing a life-ring of support floating in years of experience all she asked was for me to keep an open mind and trust her. Well I had to didn’t I, I was drowning!

Dressing me in clothes I’d never have dreamt of in a lifetime, she transformed this festival crusty into a high class fashionista; Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out. Áine saw in me what I couldn’t see, a confident and brilliant young Journalist ready to take on the world; one Guess handbag at a time.

Considering the dress I had hanging in the dressing room was a long shirt with a belt and a giant rip in the side; this was clearly not how I thought of myself. On seeing my new transformation I’m not ashamed to say, feeling completely overwhelmed, I cried. There I was as plain as day emulating everything I ever dreamed I could be, but never believed I was. With her expert eyes and flair for style, Áine saw it and so it materialised.

Much like you would go to a nail bar for your gel nails, or to a hair dresser to cut your hair, a haven such as Áine’s Fashion Boutique in Longford is where you need to go to get yourself styled.

Did I mention there’s currently a sale?!!


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