Author – Rachel Masterson. Originally posted on Electric Picnic live blog Reposted with permission. Photo credit Leanne Sullivan.

One of the highlights of Electric Picnic 2015 was stumbling across Booka Brass Band on the Salty Dog Stage accompanied by Glen Hansard on vocals. This was a pinnacle moment of the festival, exemplifying everything it’s all about; loud brass, sultry tones, surprise guests and adoration from a crowd hanging on to Glen’s every word while being moved to dance by the energetic ensemble of Booka Brass Band.

Fast-forwarding twelve months to today’s performance, it’s exciting to see the eight-piece live ahead of the launch of their debut album ‘Chilled Milk’ due for release this month. With a successful EP in their repertoire, plus a sold out Irish tour and two singles already out from the album, it’s safe to say Booka Brass Band are in their prime.

A nice introduction to the opening day of the Picnic, they graced the Other Voices Stage at 4pm. We are ready to welcome them with our dancing wellies firmly on, and our feet not yet worn; there’s time enough for that on Sunday. They certainly make an entrance, walking up through the woods playing in full swing through a throng of screaming fans. The Other Voices stage is impenetrable, with people craning their necks from outside trying to get a glimpse.

From the offset, everyone is in their element; clapping and cheering along, there’s not a single still body in the vicinity. It’s amazing to see how popular this act has become as we all enjoy these early hours of festival sunshine. The cheering crowd attracts further interest as the clearing fills up pretty quickly. Booka Brass Band have certainly got this festival off to an electrifying start.

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