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There isn’t room to move in the comedy tent, as everyone packs in for Dylan Moran. From the moment he walks on stage he’s not holding back, with his uncanny knack of insulting us but in a way that makes us laugh. He laughs back at us, or with us as it may be, as he says we’re all here experiencing this ball of culture. He never drops the quirky, grumpy old man persona and one must wonder if he’s like that in real life.

In Dylan Moran’s world everything is a crisis, and he praises us youth of today who are going to fix everything his generation did not fix. He looks at the realism of life verbalising it in the most cynical way possible, spanning on about generation gaps and the difference in views of what’s important. He emphasises how we all focus on looking young and beautiful, but the time will come when comfort is the only thing that’s important; the crowd nodding in delighted agreement as if this realisation has already hit. He says we’re living in a world that’s too fast for most, and can only be slowed down by practicing yoga.

The show should be called “Life Lessons with Dylan Moran” as it’s what we’re all thinking but haven’t even realised we’re thinking it yet. He quips an exaggerated version of life but one which isn’t too far from the truth, as he warns us all the middle aged bus is coming whether we like it or not. Preparing us for what horrors are in store with parenthood and never winning in marital rows, he has the crowd in stitches with semi-biographical tales, and ones which most of us can relate to. Cracking us all up with is idiosyncratic views, he wins the crowd over with a thoroughly enjoyable show.

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