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Much like The Script and Hozier, Gavin James is prime example of local boy done good; his incredible voice and beautiful music transcending him to amazing heights in far off places. 

Not only is Gavin selling out home gigs, but he’s become an international name through touring with Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

Joining the festival revellers in seeing one of Ireland’s exciting acts, we quickly gather as Gavin walks on with the biggest grin. Always looking like he’s having the time of his life, he laughs about being a ginger in the sun and introduces his band before launching into the lively ‘Remember Me’.

He asks us if we’re feeling good and invites us to sing along to ‘Coming Home’ which he dedicates to his mam and dad. With the sun beating through the clouds and his angelic voice floating through the air we all completely embrace the energy. It’s a momentous occasion, with Gavin saying the first time he played the Picnic there was ten people, the second year about twenty, last year a few more and “nowlook at yiz.” It’s a credit to see how grounded he remains no matter how much he grows in fame. He’s certainly come a long way from playing to a crowd often.

Be it ten or ten thousand, it’s fair to assume Gavin could hold the attention of any crowd. From young kids to us big kids, everyone sits back to back in the sun enjoying the show. He is a spectacular performer, managing the perfect transition between singing and interacting. His dry humour has us all laughing, if we weren’t smiling enough already enjoying the music. No matter what song he introduces, everyone goes wild mostly reacting by screaming “I love this song”. Gavin graces the stage with such splendour, very much appreciative of how far he’s come.  

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