Halloween Movies for Wimps

Halloween movies for people who don’t like to feel scared

Halloween is traditionally a time for ghosts and ghouls, when people like to get scared out of their skin. People go out of their way to play tricks on people, scaring the bejaysus out of friends and family. However, some of us don’t liked to get tricked, we just love all the treats of Halloween.

While there are 100’s of scary movies, new ones surfacing all the time, they’re not to everyone’s taste. I can think of a more enjoyable cinema experience than getting the life frightened out of me thank you very much.

What I do like, and I’m certain I’m not alone in this, is joyfully reminiscing about my childhood, watching movies that I have loved since I was little. Colourful witches, loveable creeps, misunderstood weirdos and strange happenings make-up perfectly enjoyable and altogether not frightening entertainment.

So for the wimps among us, here are a few of my Halloween faves. Please feel free to comment your own as I love nothing more than a cosy evening in with a nice Halloween movie.

  1. Hocus Pocus: The ultimate in childhood reminiscence, Hocus Pocus brought Halloween to life in a way which we looked forward to every year. Hocus Pocus defined what we all imagined American Halloween to be like, they really go all out over there. The costumes are fabulous, the story got to the heart of a spooky Halloween legend and it is a timeless classic which will be enjoyed for generations. Roll on Hocus Pocus two!
  2. The Craft: Again with the witches. The charm of this film is it portrayed the idea that witches walk among us. For those who were into the occult, it also opened the idea that witchcraft is open to everyone. It tied into that mean girls theme of high school cliques turning on eachother. The beauty of The Craft is the notion that good triumphs over evil, and if you send out badness into the world, it will be returned to you. Do good, and you will be repaid in good. Be honest, how many of you actually tried that “light as a feather, stiff as a board trick”?
  3. Nightmare Before Christmas: The argument remains as to whether this is a Halloween or Christmas film, but really who cares as it manages to bring together two of the best holidays in cartoon form, with a third momentarily introduced. Nightmare Before Christmas has all the feel-goods, you really root for the main character despite the fact he kidnaps Santa and almost destroys Christmas, and cheer for Zero the hero as his big red nose lights up the sky. I do admit though, the Oogie Boogie man scared the shit out of me.
  4. BeetleJuice: BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice. This golden oldie is a total gem and has proven to be a costume favourite up to the present day. From stripey suits to goulish make-up, there are a number of character favourites to dress up as plus it even brings in the classic bed-sheet ghost!
  5. From Dusk till Dawn: This is a funny one, while not exactly a “Halloween Movie” per say, it does have elements of an enjoyable, albeit somewhat surprising Halloween movie. I don’t want to ruin the twist for those who haven’t seen it so I will leave it there.
  6. Edward Sissorshands: The ultimate in nostalgia, which again can be questioned as a Christmas or Halloween movie. Edward Sissorshands captures what it’s like for the outsider trying to fit in. This film is really beautiful, with Depp barely speaking a word throughout. It is hard not to fall in love with this, it being one of Tim Burton’s finer works.

While these “wimpy” movies won’t tickle the fancies of hard core Halloween fans, they provide a sweet nostalgia for those of us who love Halloween for the colours, the games and the sweets.

What’s your favourite Halloween movie?

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