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Since their 2008 debut ‘Here, Not There’ received ubiquitous critical acclaim, Heathers have risen to the fore of the Irish music scene. Their alt-pop sound, and unwavering, breath-taking releases have firmly cemented twin sisters Louise and Ellie MacNamara as some of the finest musicians to come out of the country in recent years. It’s safe to say the world is their oyster, as they have since gained an international fanbase. Their live performance, nestling in to their Other Voices set, is eagerly anticipated.

The crowded church in the woods is cosy to say the least, with the church overflowing and the woods full of us here to enjoy the show. Their beautiful voices resonate through the trees, harmonising flawlessly.

Those who are seasoned Heathers fans compliment the performance, and those who just happened upon it also comment on how brilliant they are. A massive cheer echoes throughout when they start into ‘I Remember When’, which of course everyone knows the words to, followed by a haunting rendition of ‘November’ which was released earlier this year.

The Friday night of the festival creeps upon us and Heathers provide a moving backdrop to the starry eyes and cheery conversations. Ending on a high with ‘It’s ok not to feel ok’, they have smiles on their faces as we clap along, echoing the words at their request. Their music is uplifting without interrupting, everyone enjoying a dance and a sing-along with the person beside them. It was a fantastic, memorable performance.

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