How I lost nine pound in four weeks

Feeling amazing having just lost nine pound in four weeks

My four week transformation was a collaboration with Chic Beauty Salon, Upbeet Health and Áine’s Fashion and Lingerie . 

nine pound in four weeks

Any of you following my journey over the past few weeks and months will be aware of my weight battle. A losing battle at that, one in which I would move forward only to be continuously knocked back. Knocked back by myself of course, with excuses which included why sitting at a computer all day without moving is fine, that exercising tomorrow will be fine and eating aaaallll the bad food will be ok for one more day.

I piled on the excuses as quickly as I piled on the pounds, until not a stitch of clothes fit. Completely unrecognisable to myself and completely miserable, I became not only heavy but unhealthy and unhappy. Living in leggings and baggy tops, I looked into my wardrobe of beautiful clothes wishing they would fit. Of course when it comes to weight-loss, health and wellness, wishing doesn’t come into it; action does.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired I took that action, and approached people I knew would help me. I’m talking real, no bullshit, action here – rule out the slimming groups who are “all talk, no…” you get it, action! With some investment in yourself, it’s amazing what you can achieve and you don’t have to do it alone.

Chic Beauty Salon on Dublin Street, Longford was my first port of call. This stunning salon is a haven of relaxation, offering visitors a little bit of escapism. With a wide range of beauty treatments it’s a must for all your transformation needs; and I needed a transformation.

Proprietor Margaret McEntee is both warm and welcoming. Walking into the salon, Margaret and the staff instantly make you feel at ease. The decor really is ‘chic’, so elegantly styled and presented to the tiniest detail. It’s here I learn all about the Ultratone machine and how it will boost my weight loss. The Ultratone uses revolutionary microtechnology to electronically simulate the body’s impulses to reshape the area that needs work; for me, the tummy.

A series of ten treatments is advised for most effective results so I began with a four week goal in mind. Not sure what the outcome would be, I was excited to get started with no idea what lay ahead. Returning for two to three treatments weekly, it wasn’t long before I could visibly see results and amazing results at that.

In the meantime, I wanted to track my progress and be held accountable. I needed to sort my diet which can be hit and miss depending on my mood. Upbeet Health is a new wellness and nutrition business also based in Longford run by the ever affable Barbara Donlon. Barbara did a thorough introductory appointment to discover my needs, goals and current habits. She devised a holistic food plan tailored specifically to suit my personal requirements and from there we did a weekly weigh-in.

With my new found motivation, I went to Áine’s Fashion and Lingerie on Main Street, Longford to get some new, good quality sports gear. Stocking the best brands and most sought after fashion, Áine’s is THE place to go to transform your rags to riches. Wanting to look in style rather than in my usual leggings and baggy t-shirt, I went straight to the ‘Superdry’ section to select from the newest range. Áine Farrell has such an amazing flair for style, it’s no surprise the store is an Aladdin’s cave for fashionistas.

Choosing pink and grey (pictured), from the huge selection, I knew I would look great and feel great. Also a stockist of a wide range of lingerie including sports bras, I picked up a Panache and was all set to add exercise into my new routine.

The four weeks flew by in a haze of walking, running, green vegetables, tofu (protein for vegetarians eh!!) and the Ultratone appointments. During these four weeks believe it or not I also had ten days where I was at Electric Picnic and on a staycation with my boyfriend; a wonderful time but not ideal for weightloss (cake)! However, I kept to my appointments, walked as much as possible and marvelled at the weight falling off.

Let me let you in on the big weight loss secret here…there IS no secret. I stopped drinking alcohol, even had a sober Electric Picnic! I drank two nights in the four weeks and both nights drank gin with slimline tonic. Sticking to the Ultratone appointments, the food plan and the weekly weigh-ins, the weight fell off, it was that simple. Drinking a lot of water is also needed. Investing into it is the key to success. Did I have treats? Of course! Did I exercise every day? Absolutely not! Did it work? YES!

Four weeks ago I weighed in at 13st 13lb & 3/4, today I weighed in at 13st 4lb & 3/4! 

There was no magic recipe, calorie counting or weekly group meetings! It was all so straight forward and I cannot wait to see my results in another four weeks time.

So, to kick start your own transformation contact Chic Beauty Salon (+353 (0)43 3341536 ) for your Ultratone appointment and Upbeet Health (+353 (0)85 721 7112)  for your personalised food plan. Don’t forget, you’ll need to look good while exercising, Áine’s (+353 (0)43 334 5918) can help you here. I’m proof this works.

Panache at Áine's Longford

Stay tuned for details about how the Ultratone machine works and the Panache and Superdry range at Áines.






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