It Only Takes 5KM To Change Your Life

How 5km can change your lifeHow You Can Change Your Life In A Few Steps

We all know the saying “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” because then you will know how lucky you are. How about jog three miles in your own? Then you will feel true achievement and bliss. It is true that a simple 5k run can change your life forever.

All around the country this week Ray Darcy is getting the people of Ireland moving in a series of 5k runs. The couch to 5k program has changed so many lives over the past few years, creating an achievable goal, something to look forward to and a support network of like minded people all of whom had never done so much as run for the bus before. In fact it created something which was never expected, the belief in yourself that you can do anything and people have. From 5k’s to full marathons, to triathlons, events that people wouldn’t have imaged in their wildest dreams!

From looking on in awe to being a participant, those first 5k races were only the start for people who all became race winners. Winners for competing, winners for finishing, winners for believing, winners for fulfilling and surpassing their own dreams. All it took was making that first step, running that extra mile so to speak. After all, what is three miles really?

Joining a group like the Ray for 5k Facebook, or a local athletics club, triathlon club or even a group of friends is a great idea as whenever you feel like you want to give up there is that support which will carry you on. Just kind words, a little understanding and a “get on with it” to get you back on track. Staying focused is key and you will get there. Trust me, I have been there and I got there.

The buzz of your first race will change your life, crossing that finishing line you feel like a hero. You might as well have come first because as I already said you have won, just by finishing. That buzz never leaves you, it follows you to every race, pushing yourself to become that little bit faster and run that little bit longer. That race to beat yourself is addictive and a feeling of bliss which cannot be achieved through anything else, maybe sex but that’s a different first time story.

Just because you are not competing in the 5k’s this week, does not mean you have to wait until next year. There are hundreds of them around the country all the time. Heck, if you start today you could run your first 5k race in only 5 weeks. I know it can be done because I, along with hundreds of others have done it. Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. Run 3 miles in your own shoes and remember, enjoy every second. It will soon change from a hobby, into a lifestyle.

Has fitness changed your life? Would you like to share your story? Please do! Comment in the box below.

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