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With a serious amount of accolades under his belt, including successful single releases, an EP and touring with Mumford and Sons, it’s been a busy few years for Jack Garratt. 2016 has seen the multi-instrumentalist rise to even greater heights as he released his debut album ‘Phase’ earlier this year and also won the Critics Choice Award at the 2016 Brit Awards. Not bad for the 24-year-old who took over the Electric Arena at half seven on the Saturday of Electric Picnic.

The crowd already hyper at this point, Jack’s energetic force is enough to send us into a dancing frenzy. He’s a one man show with the energy of four and the stage presence to boot. No matter the song, he plays with an incredible force and one which would be very at home on the Main Stage.

Word of his talent has obviously gotten out as the Electric Arena is jam packed with screaming fans; and he invites more to come in out of the rain. His invite is not without merit as he performs a powerful show. He asks if we mind him doing a cover before belting out ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, really getting us going. If we weren’t Jack Garratt fans already, we certainly are now.

He plays a few more covers, mixing Craig David with Justin Timberlake, really tapping into the crowd’s nostalgia. It’s a welcome mix too as everyone sings in unison at these old guilty pleasures. He plays a storming show, and it’s phenomenal to watch one man on stage perform the way he does. If you haven’t heard of him before now, he’s definitely one to check out.


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