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Lana Del Ray offers the perfect closure on the Main Stage at what has been an incredibly eclectic and emotional Electric Picnic.

The weather did not dampen our spirits as we danced, sang and partied throughout, and then saw the night through with this hypnotic performer. Lana did not disappoint, as we revel in all our favourite Lana tracks.

Surrounding the stage at quarter to eleven, the high spirited crowd awaited somewhat impatiently for their idol. There was a prolonged introduction allowing intensity to build before she arrived on stage to chants of “Lana, Lana”. Launching straight in, it was evident from the offset we were going to witness something spectacular.

Her haunting voice resonated through the air, inviting everyone in the periphery to move towards the main stage just in time for her to walk into the audience. She was within arm reach of her adoring fans who fought to get to the front of the barrier, probably not dreaming of getting this close to the singer. Her band and dancers added that extra, alluring element to a charming performance. The audience continued to chant her name throughout, and she paused to thank them again which was welcomed by another cheer.

Her talents as a singer cannot be disputed, with a vocal ability to be admired. Her performance was very controlled and impassioned; she has an empowering persona, holding a strong and commanding stage presence. Not afraid to make use of the space on the stage, she not only sings but really performs alongside her band with whom she interacts well with. While it is the Lana Del Rey show, she is careful to include everyone on the stage which makes for a more dynamic performance.

For over an hour Lana enthralled us with a thorough run through of all her songs, most notably ‘Blue Jeans’, ‘Video Games’ and ‘Summer Time Sadness’ which garnered the greatest reaction. Her fans are so loyal she could probably sing the alphabet and still receive cheerful applause. It’s the entire Lana Del Rey persona the fans are in love with, and seeing her perform so naturally close to her recorded vocal confirms this adoration. Closing the curtain on Electric Picnic for another year, Lana Del Rey left us all ready for the 2017 festival already.

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