Rach in the City: 1920’s Cowboys, a WOLFF and some Young Folk

Late nights, good music and great people – an update from Rach in the City

Dublin gigs and interviews

It’s been a very busy few weeks for me, some highlights being my trip to Seoul, which I will delve further into in a new post, Dublin gigs and mostly interviewing some incredible bands.

Over the past while I have interviewed WOLFF, The Young Folk and Dublin City Rounders.

WOLFF is an incredible musician from Wexford who not only has a powerful voice and a fantastic songwriting ability, but he has a strong marketing and business acumen which I hugely admire as it’s sadly where many musicians fail. Better known as Johnny Stewart, WOLFF is a one man show who creates entertaining vlogs as a means to showcase his music. What comes across is a hugely intelligent, down to earth and sound guy who has one of the best voices, both singing and speaking, that I have heard. He would make a great presenter, but luckily for us he’s sharing his sweet music. We met up in the i96 studios for a cuppa, check it out.

Recently I travelled to see The Young Folk headline Dublin’s Button Factory, where they were joined with support from Neev Kennedy. I was meeting the guys for a cuppa with before the gig and went in during sound check, where I was pleasantly surprised to meet Ronan and Ciaran from Delorentos. Delos were to join The Young Folk on stage for a surprise appearance, one which went down a storm with the crowd. Read the full review on Ceol Caint. After the gig I was backstage with the lads, also joined by Delorentos and Gavin Glass plus a wonderful consortum of family and friends. We took the party down to Whelans Parlour Bar, where I was introduced to the lovely and very glamorous Niamh from Ham Sandwich; a cuppa with a Ham Sandwich would be great indeed. Also, I ran into my good friends Mick and Riona from Monster Monster and one of the members of amazing new Dublin band Barq. All in all it was a fantastic night of frivolity.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, I met with my favourites; Dublin City Rounders. Rohan and Al are a rockability brother duo who create the most lyrically delightful music. Their songs are so unique, out there and entertaining, often painting a picture of the inner workings of the mind of a 1920’s madman cowboy. It’s most fun. They met me out in i96 where we had our second cuppa, and as ever, the conversation got wonderfully weird.

That’s all from Rach in the City for now, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with my carries on as they happen. Of course all the Dublin gigs, Longford gigs and cups of tea.

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