Rach in the city: a new social and events column

Introduction to Rach in the City, a new column covering events, gigs and general goings on

rach in the city

Rach in the city is a new segment on the blog featuring stuff I get up to in my daily life; which tends to result in hilarity and stories which my friends can never usually live up to. Like this rock ‘n’ roll photo where I had a free McDonald’s breakfast; wild. Point of note: this was taken a few months back and I have since become fully vegetarian.

The idea behind Rach in the city is to blog about events, gigs and any goings on I attend. Every week there’s something new, be it GoQuest with the Irish Bloggers, a festival in a forrest, a gig in the local hotel or hanging out at the School of Rock in my town. Not only that but it will also include random musings and findings as I go about day to day.

Quite regularly I’m told I need to write down some stories I tell people, be it how I got free Easter Eggs in Amsterdam or how I ended up being rescued by a Mayo man in Thailand. More often it’s a case of reliving weekly tales of adventure.

Currently I am setting up my own business, with the unfortunate side being the inevitable writers block caused by running around like a headless chicken on a daily basis. If you weren’t aware, headless chickens cannot write very well; or at all even.

This led to some careful considerations of how to move forward, and taking the clever but simple advice of “just fucking do it”, here I am.

Rach in the city will by no means delve into tales of cosmopolitan lunches, and one night stands because unfortunately for you as a reader that kind of Carrie on (see what I did there) doesn’t happen in Rachel’s world. Sex and cosmopolitans are few and far between, but there’s nothing a good glass of Mi-Wadi can’t cure.

Stay tuned…things could get messy.

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