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A drummer turned cookie maker who has more soul than you can shake a rolling pin at, Ralph Rolle has worked with Chic, Lady Gaga, Prince and more. In today’s guise, he puts his talents into creating soulful food, using a recipe passed down to him by his mother; and we all know mothers have that uncanny knack of baking good cookies. Founder of the Soul Snacks Cookie Company, Ralph shares his delicious creations with us and for that we are grateful.

Described by the MC as the man who ‘under powers everything’ he was welcomed with a massive cheer as Ralph encourages us all to say “yeah!” Starting with an insightful introduction into Ralph’s childhood growing up in the Bronx and the influence his mother had on his life and why he set up the Soul Snacks Cookie Company.

In a really cheerful demonstration, Ralph showed us the delightful art of making his grandmother’s cookies. Ralph is as sweet as his cookies, very much like your favourite uncle who always slips you a fiver or a sneaky treat before dinner. He cheerfully invited us up to try the cookies, promising he only used the best chocolate chips he could find. We are also given insightful knowledge of how to scoop up the perfect cookie through the ‘dip, scoop, drop’ methodology.

He spoke about his busy music career with Chic, and their hectic 150 gigs per year schedule. Having been a professional musician since the age of 18, he said music is about love, peace, harmony and having a good time. He’s the ultimate performer, he treated us to a soulful strip tease as he transformed from chef to drummer. Stepping behind the drums, he has the Theatre of Food on their feet dancing; in probably a first from the cookery demo stage. Smiling as much as he did behind the cookie dough, it’s evident how at home Ralph is behind the drums. It’s quite an unusual cooking timer, but the most enjoyable one we’ve ever seen. As it turned out, the cookies were pretty tasty too.

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