Author – Rachel Masterson. Originally posted on Electric Picnic live blog Reposted with permission. Photo credit Leanne O’Sullivan

Joining another packed out comedy tent for David O’Doherty, everyone crammed in to sit down in anticipation of the gig. He opened by remembering those who are not there, namely ISIS and Lance Armstrong and all the dead people. He was on fire and as he said himself he lifted off the temporary roof. He said he wanted it to be one of the one of the greatest events in history, and it was certainly one of the best comedy events of the weekend.

His jokes flowed seamlessly as he continued without really taking a breath. It’s a wonder how he manages to remember the set with so much crammed in. He’s not afraid to take the piss out of himself and most of all focused on the current craze of social media influencers. He laid claim to the birthday candles that never blow out, saying that they’re his new sponsor as they never let him down.

It’s hard not to love David O’Doherty, with that cheeky grin, whimsical keyboard and hilarious quips about stuff we all take for granted. His stories left us with pains in our sides from laughing as everyone in the comedy arena was in complete stitches. He is up there with the top comedians in Ireland, well worth checking out.

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