Track Dogs – a five star gig in Longford

Track Dogs live in Longford

track dogs live in Longford

Kathleen Mahon reviews Track Dogs, live in the Tally Ho Bar, Longford 

My friend Kelly and I have arrived in the Tally-Ho far too early by the looks of things, it’s 9.30pm and there’s maybe 20-25 people sitting and chatting in this small but intimate pub. They are all regulars as everyone seems to know everyone and the banter is flying. We order drinks and get chatting to the friendly and attentive bar staff.

Over the course of the next half an hour the place starts to fill…..and I mean really fill! People grab seats where they can or simply stand. It becomes very apparent that the majority of this flash mob is here for one thing….and that’s the Track dogs.

The Irish troubadours, who reside in Spain, are back in Longford for one night of their Irish tour. They apparently became friends with the Tally Ho’s proprietor, John Duignan and his family a few years back and always come to visit when they return to Irish shores.

The lads roll in at 10.30, all members chatting to people eager to greet them, instantly you like them. They are not inaccessible and obviously care about their fans. The lad’s bang into the start of their set and all eyes are on them, the audience is captivated. There’s an uplifting quality to their acoustic sound, nearly like you’re back in Spain with them enjoying a fiesta!

They’re playing an original set, yet I look around and people are singing with them, their music is catchy, upbeat and uplifting and you can’t help but stomp and move. Songs like “move a mountain” and the moodier song “blindspot” are instant hits in my opinion.

Garrett’s guitar and Robbie’s cajon box are driving this incredible rhythm with gloriously bright melodies from Howards trumpet. Dave, on bass, is unassuming and cool, he doesn’t miss a beat and although there is no stand out bass solos. This man is just as crucial to this set up as the rest of the guys.

They throw in the occasional cover like “crazy little thing” and “long train running”. I find original bands do this to get the audience on their side, and although the covers were great and in “track dog” style they didn’t have to do this, their own songs are strong enough.

What stands out about this band, from my point of view, is their strong sense of unity, they sing glorious harmonies on tracks like “out of the city” and “the wrong man”. Garrett’s voice is strong, yet velvety and smooth and when the guys join him on chorus they blend as if one. This could only be from hours of rehearsing and time on the road, they are well seasoned, professional musicians you couldn’t fault them on a technical level and definitely not on entertainment quality.

The lads are constantly talking to their audience and to each other, they make you feel very much part of it all as they asked for our participation in making their video for the song “Take my Word”.

They are so relaxed and clearly doing what they love to do, entertain! There is dynamic as well as the lads switch it up a bit , Robbie takes to the banjo for one and guest Ronan Kirby (who is also doing the video for the song here tonight) joins them for a few on the ukulele.

The night draws to close with all the lads stepping away from the mic and into the audience for “the wrong man”, the whole place quietens to hear the lads and as you stand there you feel you have witnessed something special. I come away from this gig with a spring in my step and revitalised, these guys are simply soup for the soul.

Track dogs are Garrett Wall/guitar/vocals, Robbie K. Jones/cajon/vocals, Howard Brown/trumpet/vocals and Dave Mooney/bass.Track dogs on Facebook: Official Website:


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