Video: Dublin You Are showcases real Dublin

Dublin 2020 release video showcasing real Dublin

Dublin 2020 release Dublin You Are video

Dublin You Are is a fantastic video which was produced as the result of a collaboration between Dublin-based artists, Dublin2020 and the people of Dublin

Based on the poetry of Stephen James Smith which portrays the very heart of Dublin, the good and bad, the video showcases iconic sites and the real faces of Dublin’s people.

Not glossing over the major issues and struggles within the Capital, it discusses the successes and failures, the community and the divide.

The words are captivating, reminding us of the diversity of the fair city, all the languages within one town and the different cultures which have come together to build the current state of the Capital.

Reflecting the conversations which have come about in Dublin2020 workshops with people throughout Dublin this past year, the project is real Dublin as seen by real people. The team then created a visual narrative combining all of these thoughts and ideas.

It is a really heartwarming and beautiful piece, yet tinged with some sadness. It is honest and pure, capturing the love that people have for Dublin, yet also the struggles faced every day in a variety of ways. How hard it is to live in a city so cold, yet one whose people are so warm.

It remembers those who have gone before us, who held a special place in Dublin’s City streets and those who work hard every day within the same corners. All of us who are part of the same community, yet similarly so disconnected. It is the city we love to hate; it’s our home and one which we criticize, yet couldn’t bare to leave.

It praises those who have come into our city to establish something new, a home for themselves, and asks us to remember a time when we went abroad in search of new life but were turned away.

We have our international feel but still retain out authentic charm. We have everything that makes us Irish, and those special things that make Dublin feel so much like home. This video characterizes Dublin past, present and future in a way that is absolutely genuine.

Dublin You Are is presented by Dublin2020 in association with:

Stephen James Smith:
Wissame Cherfi:
Aoife Dooley:
Aidan Kelly:
Derek Kennedy:

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