Why Irish YouTubers are important

Why Irish YouTubers are Important

Irish YouTubers

“YouTube was for me a way to become more comfortable with who I am”, says You-Tuber Kevin O’Sullivan, on why it is important. For many YouTube has become a platform for self-expression, self-promotion and in general getting your thoughts and emotions out there.

Launching in 2005, YouTube was always place for sharing user generated content. Ten years on, the platform has seen an evolution from amateur videos, to a daily high volume of well-produced footage. Producing this footage has become as simple as pressing record on a mobile phone, with many graduating on to industry standard cameras.

Among the mass of music videos, short films and blooper mashes, emerged a new generation of celebrity. These celebrities burst forth from their bedrooms, sprouting ideas about love, life and a multitude of interests. Known as “YouTubers” or “Vloggers”, they are the bloggers of the video world, uploading regular content to communicate with their fans.

Often surpassing many TV presenters and celebs to become the go to people for news and entertainment, YouTubers have created this online podium from which to launch themselves onto the world. While becoming well-recognised still takes a lot of hard work and dedication, it no longer requires knowing the “right” people or getting that “lucky break”. By establishing a network of like-minded people, and constructing creative and often comedic content, it has become easier for people to get noticed.

These creators will quickly gain a solid foundation of fans which steadily grows over time. Fans and creators can become friends through networking, and a massive support community has formulated.
“I love the diversity of the community, the sheer number of different options for video making. It’s a path which leads to many options from gaming, TV presenting, a music career and even dealing with major issues of society. I’m particularly inspired by giant collaborative efforts like YouTube Symphony and the many giant charity events that have happened in the community” continued Kevin.

YouTuber Jamie Carr said “I find Irish YouTubers important because they give people who wouldn’t normally have a voice in the media, a chance to be creative a chance to shine a light of shamrocks and sexy Irish-ness across the Internet world.”

YouTubers in Ireland have encouraged others to find their voice, and become part of this important emerging media. Irish YouTubers are inspiring as it proves if you work hard at pursuing your goal you will achieve it. YouTubers are great role models to younger generations as they have that strong work ethic. It also shows if you want to follow a career in TV or presenting, it is important to start at home as soon as you can as you will become well-known. Especially in Ireland where the media is very much taken up with a small few, it paves the way for new talent who might have been overlooked otherwise.

To find out more about YouTube and how to launch yourself on the platform, attend Dub Web Fest “The YouTuber Experience” in Filmbase for only €15 tomorrow night, November 20. With talks from Clisare, The Voice of Ireland’s The V-Report (David Atkinson & Mark Holland) and Jessica Spencer, two screenings and the afterparty in Liquor Rooms it will be a great night of learning and networking.

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