“You can change your life in six weeks”

Six weeks to try

If you have ever been tempted to try something new which could change your life, Tri-Athy is launching their six-weeks-to-tri training schedule today. You could be doing a triathlon in six weeks’ time; all you need to do is give it a try. 

Tri-Athy have launched their six weeks to try training schedule today and with the wheels already in motion it is set to be another successful event in Athy, County Kildare. The Six Weeks To Try programme allows budding triathletes to step things up a notch in a bid to compete in their first race. Anyone can take part, the weekly training schedule is uploaded onto the site to allow people to download it, stick it on their fridge and get in gear for what is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

For five lucky individuals who have been chosen to receive the benefits of full training, free race entry, a hotel the night before the race and the complete support of the Tri-Athy team, they are in for both shock and surprise. The next six weeks will have some highs and lows but be full with a serious sense of achievement. I was chosen, this time last year, as one of seven beginners to partake as a try-athlete in the Athy race. All I had to do was follow the training schedule to the best of my ability and write a blog every week on how I was doing. As the training was all taking place when I was studying for my final college exams I found it extremely difficult, however, crossing that finish line was the best experience of my entire life.

The training schedule devised by the Athy team caters for all abilities. They break it down so that even a complete beginner who has never run anywhere in their lives can take part in a triathlon in only six weeks. There is no need to buy expensive gear, although I guarantee you will end up doing so, it is only a requirement to become a member of Triathlon Ireland so you are insured to race. However, you can also buy a one day licence if you don’t want to become a full member. Full membership lasts until December of each year and after your first race you will want to do another so it is worth getting.

Triathlons, just like any race, become a total addiction. Considering most people who race kick the drink to help them improve, there are worst things to be addicted to. Anyone who has ever completed a race will know that feeling of complete euphoria, knowing that you have achieved something you previously never thought imaginable. The try-a-tri in Athy gives people, who may have wanted to race but thought it incomprehensible, a fighting chance. It is a wonderful journey which I would recommend to anyone. Check the site from today for some top training tips and if it is something you want to partake in then take that first step to breaking the impossible.

It is too late to become one of the official try-athletes who will be the faces of the race but it is not too late to take part, the race is open to everyone. There is no need to be intimidated as the try-a-tri race is for all beginners, the more advanced athletes will progress on to the sprint, Olympic and double Olympic events. If you ever dreamed of giving yourself that little push now is the time to beat your fears. It only takes six weeks to change your life, if you simply try.

Hanging out with Jenson Button

Hanging out with Jenson Button


Happy finishers.

Happy finishers.


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