A poem on terror

A poem on terror by Rachel Masterson

Raise your flag and hold it high, as you prepare for a long goodbye, you sing it proud and shout it loud, you pledge your god your ally.

Your storm you stomp so many lives you steal, no love, no thought, no guilt you feel.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, terror must be imposed to emphasise your wicked truth.

But we shall not cower, we shall not fear, we shall not bow down to you my dear.

The death sentence you impose and generate at will, innocent lives are innocent still.

Whether you value freedom or value truth, please value this beyond all use.

That eye you stole and tooth you took, had more value than gold to a crook.

It is attached to heartache, it is attached to pain, a whole life, whole family who wont be the same.

The whole world is shattered, the whole world is scared, the whole world was rather unprepared.

But alas it happened, but alas its real, but alas it was more than a life to steal.

And while we sit here frozen, we are not deterred, for we know the world will never be secure.

So we will stand strong, hand in hand, every woman, every man.

You will not defeat us, you will not win, because in this life we remain kin.

We will not shy away, you will not gain power, for humanity will capture the final hour.

The end is nigh, the mood is low, the tide will rise from the get go.

An army of feeling, a wave that emotes, this one, everlasting, a hope ever floats.

We say it loud, in unison, no fear: terror we will not tolerate! To no end, goodbye. It is peace and harmony we wish to live by.


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