The storm in your mind

I see the storm brewing in your mind

A grey cloud of thunder 

behind courageous eyes 

I watch as you start to crumble 

invisibly as the thunder rumbles 

To anyone else, you’re strong, 

Sturdy like a tree 

To look on a slight waver is all anyone would see 

But I see you fall 

Crawling through the sludge in the downpour 

Holding on for dear life as around you everything roars 

But it’s all in your mind

an unkindness that keeps finding 

its way to keep on dragging you down 

you stand in your thick boots planted in the mudslide that threatens to uproot you 

as the fast flow pulls, unforgiving 

but you stand for dear life

you fight for what’s right and what’s true 

you’ve been fighting for so long the fatigue sets in and stays

most days you’re just fighting that 

the urge to go on 

but like that tree you stay strong to see out better days 

the leafy greens come and you blossom 

but the storm rages on 

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