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How my life changed in four hours fifty seven minutes and twenty seconds

It was somewhere around the twenty five mile mark it really started to sink in. Not only was I doing a marathon but I had now almost completed one. These next twelve minutes accumulated eight months of work. Eight months of uncertainty and eight months of full focus. In 2019 I took on the challenge to end my twenties with a bang by running a full marathon. I did this in memory of Toni Louise Harte for Aoife's Clown Doctors Ireland. This is a full account of my marathon journey.

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Beating depression to find my soul's purpose

Depression is a funny ol' thing, before you even notice you have it, it's taken you in its grips. The past few months have been tough. They've brought a painful combination of busyness and solitude. A combination making it too busy to catch my breath and too lonely to want to. Now I reclaim it, while answering only to my soul's purpose. 

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Day seven: swimming in the Sea of Galilee

Day seven we visited the River Jordan and Sea of Galilee. I didn’t sleep well the night before yet still felt so rested; the inner serenity melting any exhaustion away. At this point I felt no pain and no fatigue which is a rarity living with joint pain and chronic fatigue daily. Waking everyday with a smile, genuinely loving every moment. It’s amazing what a difference seven days can bring.  We had a long journey today with some stops along the way. Not as walking intensive as it has been. I miss all the walking, the exercise is amazing considering the massive consumption of spectacular food.  We set off on the bus and I really wasn’t sure where to. We...

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